Newton Medical Evaluations, Inc.

Newton Medical
Evaluations, Inc.

The premier choice for workers' compensation medical legal evaluations

Newton Medical Evaluations, Inc. is an orthopedic practice that possesses unparalleled ability to navigate complex medical-legal cases with confidence and precision. With over two decades of unwavering dedication and expertise, Newton Medical Evaluations, Inc. is the premier choice  for workers’ compensation medical legal evaluations with a deep understanding of the case law and protocols.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and thorough evaluations of injured workers and educate them on their options for treatment, produce SB899 & AMA complaint reports in a timely fashion and in satisfaction of the Labor Code, and address attorneys' and/or adjusters' questions and/or concerns through our issued reports or depositions. .

First Choice

We are happy to serve you in one of our ten clinics in Central and Southern California.